For Registration you have to follow this google form link and please fill up this form very carefully.  
  1. Khelaghor holds all responsibility & liability for PUBG Mobile Manipuri Championship.
  2. The winners of the championship will get the equivalent prize money which has already been declared.
  3. Khelaghor holds all rights to change any decision regarding the championship.
  4. Khelaghor holds all responsibility for the championship.
  5. Each & every match of the tournament will be under strict observation.
  6. Players cannot use any slang language during the tournament. If any team does so, they will be banned.
  7. Teams will be immediately banned if they are found using any cheating app, software, or hacking mechanism while tournament matches are ongoing.
  8. This tournament is open for all.
  9. People can participate using any mobile operator.
  10. This is an online mobile tournament. Nobody can participate in this tournament using any kind of emulator.
  11. Teams will not have to appear in any dedicated place in order to participate in the tournament. Tournament updates will be given on the Discord server. Teams will have to enter dedicated rooms on said time which will be given in one of the member’s inbox.
  12. Teams will not have to pay any entry fee for PUBG Mobile Manipuri Championship.
  13. Khelaghor team authority will not be to blame if any team faces connection issues during matches.
  14. Keep an eye on the Sangai Esports-BD page in order to get regular updates and live stream .
  15. All matches of the tournament will be held on the Asian server

🏅 Winner – BDT 2500

🥈 Second – BDT 1500

🥉 Third – BDT 1000